Pitch Perfect

In this week’s lesson in Digital Storytelling we are to create a pitch. Like Don Draper in “Mad Men,” make a pitch.

Present a creative approach to a client. Imagine the first process that takes place. This amazing idea you have in your head. Your vision. Translate that into words and pitch the commercial to the client.

Guinness Empty Chair Pitch

We are thrown in to the middle of an intense basketball game. Sweat pouring, adrenaline rushing, wheels screeching. Yes, wheels. All the men are in wheelchairs. They push, pull, shoot, miss, one falls over in his wheelchair. He pushes himself back up effortlessly. The game ends. The men stand up and walk out. All the men except one. One stays in the wheelchair. We realize they were doing this because of him, to support him. At the end we see all the guys at a bar drinking Guinness. Guinness is loyal like a friend.


Dodge Ram 100 Years Pitch

Documentary style, we are introduced to several 100 year old people. They give insight on what they have learned in their 100 years, the secrets to life. Then things start to change, the old people start getting more aggressive, “Don’t Bitch”, a kind of “F-it” attitude. An old man is in a Challenger squealing the tires, burning rubber. The interviews continue. A man says “And never forget where you came from.” The Challenger zooms off the screen. “You learn a lot in 100 years.” Runs across the screen.


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